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Private transfer from Dubrovnik to Slano  OR  Slano to Dubrovnik

Distance approx. 35 km

Duration 40 min – it may take longer depending on the traffic condition.

You can arrange your private transfer to Slano quickly and easily to any address in Slano, and of course also to other destinations. One of our English-speaking drivers will be at your disposal.

Slano is a small town intented into 2km long bay. It is only 35km away from the historic town of Dubrovnik. Slano and its surroundings have been inhabited since the prehistoric times ( to which testify the numerous castle remains ( forts, walls ) on the nerby hills ), and ancient times ( roman castrum on the Gradina hill; early Christian sarcophaus, placed in front of the Franciscan church ). The population is involved in agriculture, fishing, olive growing, vine growing, fruit growing and, more recently, tourism.

Slano is rich with beautiful beaches and coves; you can enjoy and relax on the pebble, sand, stone and paved beaches. This place is ideal if you would like to spend your vacation in peace and quiet. Sports and active vacation lovers can enjoy beach volleyball, tennis, footbal, handball, cycling, basketball, hiking, sailing, fishing and numerous water activities. If you are willing to savor the countless specialties of this region visit local restaurants.



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