Dubrovnik / Dubrovnik Airport – Sibenik


Dubrovnik to Sibenik  OR  Sibenik to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Airport to Sibenik  OR  Sibenik to Dubrovnik Airport


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Private transfer Dubrovnik / Dubrovnik Airport to Šibenik  OR  Šibenik to Dubrovnik / Dubrovnik Airport

Distance 276 km

Duration 3h 30min –  could be more as routes involves border crossing, and depending on the traffic condition

You can arrange your private transfer to Šibenik quickly and easily to any address in Šibenik, and of course also to other destinations. One of our English-speaking drivers will be at your disposal.

Šibenik is most famous for Saint James Cathedral, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, as are the city walls from the Venetian era. A trademark of the city is the traditional Šibenik hat, coloured orange and black, also the city’s colours. 16th-century polymath and bishop Faust Vrančić, known as one of the inventors of parachute and perhaps the first man who used it, was born here and lived here. Famous basketball player Dražen Petrović, and Maksim Mrvica, a piano player, were born here.

Šibenik was mentioned for the first time under its present name in 1066 in a Charter of the Croatian King Petar Krešimir IV. For a period of time, it was a seat of the Croatian King. For that reason, Šibenik is also called “Krešimirov grad” (Krešimir’s city). It is the oldest native Croatian town on the eastern shores of the Adriatic sea. You can see the statue of King Petar Krešimir IV between the park and the beginning of the promenade along the sea. Šibenik was for almost 300 years under Venetian rule, and then in Austro-Hungary, Yugoslavia and finally, Croatia. It was a very important town in Venetian-Turkish wars and it was a frontier of the western civilization an Christianity.

Recommended to visit:

Katedrala sv. Jakova (Cathedral of St. James or Cathedral of St. Jacob)

Gradska vijećnica (Old city hall)

Crkva sv. Barbare (Church of Saint Barbara)

Biskupska palača (Bishops Palace)

Kneževa palača (Dukes Palace)

Četiri bunara (4 draw-wells)

Crkva i smostan sv. Frane (Church and monastery of St. Francis)

Perivoj Roberta Visianija (Park of Roberto de Visiani)

Srednjovjekovni vrt sv.Lovre (Medieval garden of the monastery St. Laurence)

Tvrđava sv. Mihovila (St. Michael’s fortress)


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