Dubrovnik – Mlini, Srebreno, Plat / Župa Dubrovačka


Dubrovnik to Mlini  OR  Mlini to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik to Plat  OR  Plat to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik to Srebreno  OR  Srebreno to Dubrovnik

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Private transfer Dubrovnik to Mlini, Srebreno, Plat ( Župa Dubrovačka )  OR  Mlini, Srebreno, Plat ( Župa Dubrovačka ) to Dubrovnik

Distance approx. 11 km

Duration 20 min – it may take longer depending on the traffic condition.

You can arrange your private transfer to Mlini, Srebreno or Plat quickly and easily to any address in Mlini, Srebreno or Plat, and of course also to other destinations. One of our English-speaking drivers will be at your disposal.

The most scenic village in the beautiful Župa park is Mlini that has its own sea and the small river of Zavrelje, shallow pebble beaches and protected bays, flower filled gardens and paths, hotels, rivers and summer residences.

The people of Dubrovnik have always visited this picturesque village for its tranquil countryside and rich cuisine, once arriving by carriage, and now by car, since Mlini was another site for meetings, summer holidays, rest, walking, recreation, poems…

Srebrno is today known under the distorted name of Srebreno is village of former labourers and fishermen was first mentioned in 1272. The amphora, urns, and coins that have been found from the Roman Emperors are evidence of the historical period of this region, which is today a destination for many visitors and a modern tourist destination.

The Church of the Heart of Jesus (Srca Isusova) is beside the beach itself and was built by donations from Silvo Miloslavić, a priest and writer with his roots in Srebrno. The stone renaissance house of the family of the ship’s captain Miloslavić almost touches the sea.

he Czech painter Jaroslav Čermak, who stayed in Mandaljena in the middle of the 19th century often used to visit Srebrno, and enjoyed the magical countryside, spent time with the hospitable local people and depicted its fairytale like beauty in his paintings.

The local colour and beauty of the stone houses, the well looked after gardens and parks, the treasures of the sea, the hotel buildings and camps, fun and recreation have all made Srebrno a favourite place for tourists.

Plat has become a famous summer destination with numerous tourist activities, clean sea, pebbly beaches, interesting excursions, luxurious hotels and a rich gastronomic offer.


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