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Dubrovnik  to Korcula  OR  Korcula to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Airport to Korcula   OR  Korcula to Dubrovnik Airport

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Private transfer Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Apt to Korcula   OR Korcula to Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Apt

Distance approx. 118 km

Duration 2h 40 min – it may take longer depending on the traffic condition and ferry schedule

You can arrange your private transfer to Korčula quickly and easily to any address in Korčula, and of course also to other destinations. One of our English-speaking drivers will be at your disposal.

One of the most popular travel destinations on Croatia’s South Dalmatian coast, the island of Korcula (pronounced Kor-chu-la) is also one of the greenest. Today, the lush pine forests remain as one of the main features of the hilly Adriatic island, especially along its north facing slopes, scattered with dry stone walls enfolding vineyards and olive groves; still cultivated as a livelihood by inland settlements today. In fact, two of the most popular Croatian white wines, Posip and Grk are grown on the island.

Like its more popular neighbours Dubrovnik and Hvar, the island has much to offer in terms of history, culture and of course, natural beauty, with the bonus of having a more relaxed and authentic ambience.

Its most visited destinations are the town of Korcula, known as mini Dubrovnik, with its cluster of terracotta roofed houses above medieval fortified walls and round towers, facing a narrow sea channel with mountain views from the neighbouring peninsula, Lumbarda a small village surrounded by Grk-producing vineyards and the only sand beaches on the island and Vela Luka, the island’s second main port on its western side; a modest resort, known for its prehistoric archaeological finds. Smaller towns and villages around the island, such as Brna, Prizba and Racisce are less popular but offer a quieter, more local holiday experience, away from the increasing tourist crowds in Croatia.

The main town on the island, also named Korčula is where the sword dance Moreška, a well-known folk drama/dance, which used to be played all over the Mediterranean is now solely performed. Korčula Old Town is a typical medieval walled Dalmatian town, with its round defensive walls and towers and red-roofed houses where Marco Polo (1254 – 1324) the famous world-traveller and writer, as well as a Venetian merchant, is reputed to have been born. In the Old Town, his supposed house of birth will shortly be turned into a Museum of Marco Polo.

The nearest airports are Split and Dubrovnik

KORCULA Old TOWN is a medieval walled city positioned on an oval-shaped swelling of land pointing deep into Peljesac Channel. There are two medieval city gates to the Old Town.

Kopnena Vrata (Land Gate) – also called Vrata od Grada is located within Veliki Revelin Tower approached by a wide stone stairway with lovely balustrade

Morska vrata (Sea gate) – also called Porta Maris


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